Cross-Border Shipping Guide to Mexico

Our guide to ensuring a smooth and successful shipping process when shipping cargo to Mexico over land.

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Beware of Fraudulent Practices and Double Brokering Issues

In the world of logistics and transportation, freight brokers play a vital role in connecting shippers with carriers; like any industry, there are bad actors who engage in fraudulent practices. One prevalent issue is the rise of fraudulent freight brokers and double brokering. In this article, we delve into these issues, shedding light on the consequences they have for the industry and providing insights on how to mitigate such risks.

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Trailer Dimensions

A document showing all of our different trailers’ weight, length, width and height.

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Cargo Quotes is #1 in Ingram’s July 2023 Digital Edition

CargoQuotes ranked #1 by Ingram’s Magazine as the Fastest Growing KC Company in 2023! See their Corporate Report 100 issue!

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Strong Cross-Border Flatbed Demand, FreightWaves Interview

Check out our interview on Freightwaves with our VP of Mexico Sales & Operations, Patty Hinojosa being interviewed.

This is a great look at how experts are seeing a strong cross-border flatbed demand this year.

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Cross-Border Expedited Trucking To And From Mexico

Mastering Cross-Border Freight: Avoid the Money Pit. | LinkedIn

Patty Hinojosa, our VP of Mexico Sales & Operations takes a look at avoiding the money pit of cross-border freight.

Patty covers everything from border delays, communication barriers, security concerns, cultural differences, and costs.

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cross border flatbed freight company

CargoQuotes Podcast on Reshoring and the Niche of US/ MX Freight

Kevin Hill, “Put That Coffee Down” Interview with Kyle Gholston, COO

Kevin welcomes the first person he worked for in logistics on this episode. It was 10 years ago and much has changed in the brokerage world. Over the past 10 years technology changed the game. What’s the big trend for the next 10 years?

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CargoQuotes in the Spotlight!

TIA Interview with Kyle Gholston, COO

CargoQuotes, LLC was formed in 2019 by Kyle Gholston and Kevin Brandes. The first few years were challenging, especially during the pandemic, but the CargoQuotes team was able to push through, using the decades of collective experience the team had gained with their time in the 3PL Industry.

This is a great look at how experts are seeing a strong cross-border flatbed demand this year.

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