Mutually beneficial relationships with our carriers is what drives both of our businesses forward. At CargoQuotes, treating our carriers with the same level of respect as our customers, team members, and communities is fundamental to our collective success. Most importantly, we understand and are empathetic to the challenges drivers faced every day and on every mile along the road. Truck drivers keep our economy rolling and we’re honored to play our part in keeping you driving forward every day.

Join Our Network

We want the process of joining the CargoQuotes carrier network as easy and efficient as possible for prospective carriers and their drivers.  Therefore, we utilize the online tool DAT OnBoard  as our primary method for on-boarding new carriers.  However, we also understand that some carrier and drivers prefer to complete the on-boarding process by manually completing a carrier packet.  So we’ve provided both options here.  Simply click on the appropriate button below and let’s get rollimg!

Online Setup
Old School Setup

Access Our System

Gain access to critical information and provide us visibility to your fleet.

  • Access our available loads with the option to provide a bid on any open loads we have in our system
  • Update the status of your active loads, provide tracking updates, and upload documents
  • Provide us information on your available equipment, locations, and desired lanes
  • Get visibility to all your accounts payable information including pending status, payment history, and reporting
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Connect to Visibility Hub

CargoQuotes utilizes Descartes MacroPointConnect to connect with participating carriers to ensure visibility to our customers loads.   Carriers who actively participate in the CargoQuotes Visibility Hub are eligible for the following benefits.

  • Reduced days to pay
  • Enhanced Quick Pay program
  • Increased payment options

Carriers that are paid through a factoring service are eligible for per load monetary incentive for their participation in the CargoQuotes Visibility Hub.

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